Samar’s World



    I was born in the lush, hot environment of

Basra, Iraq and lived in Baghdad as a child.

I danced among the babylonian ruins, slept on

the rooftop under a canopy of stars and listened

to the music of the boatmen on the Tigris and

Euphrates rivers, singing love songs & fishing

under the moonlight.  

    I loved painting, dancing and performing the songs, stories  & folk tales that my grandmothers told me.




                            My life and art experiences expanded when   

                            my family travelled to Europe visiting Rome, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam & London. Walking the streets of these major historical cities with their ancient /modern architecture and art museums opened my eyes & heart to the magnificent splendor of western art.

  My family immigrated to the U.S. settling in Detroit, MI during the mid-sixties.  Growing up in the motor city in the 60‘s & 70’s was a leap in life experience with the Vietnam war, peace marches, Detroit race riots, Motown music, street art/theatre and the woman’s movement teaching me a new consciousness.  My inner & outer world views changed and added new & diverse elements into my life & art.


      My formal art training began in college and continued after I received my B.A. in Theatre/Film & a post-bach. in Art

from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. I moved to New York City and began an apprenticeship with a master painter/teacher, Mr. Nicoli Abracheff, who’d studied in Italy as a young man, and had lived in Paris during the 1920’s. I began painting in acrylics and then oils and soon exhibited in some group shows in N.Y City and NYC street art fairs.  

After Mr. A.’s death, I returned to Detroit and continued taking art classes at Wayne State University. While working at The Detroit Institute of Arts, I had the opportunity to view and study art collections from all over the world.  This shaped my eclectic view of art and art making; Integrating various elements into my own work. During this time I was working as an installation & performance artist at  various art galleries in Detroit.

Tired of the cold & snow, I packed my car and travelled across the U.S. to San Diego, California where I met my husband, Chessley.  When our son, Tam Lin, was born we moved  to Ashland Oregon.

I finished my art studies at SOSC, where

I exhibited in group shows and had a solo

art show.  Later, finishing the Art Ed. 

program with a masters in art education. 

Since graduation from S.O.U.  I have taught

art at middle & high schools in the Rogue Valley, SOU Youth programs, The Schneider Museum of Art and The Rogue Gallery in Medford.

     I have exhibited in group shows at local galleries in Ashland as well as Detroit, Mi. at  Dimensions Gallery, in their Contemporary Mesopotamian Artists exhibits. Currently I teach art and video production at Ashland High School.  I am working on a performance art piece that will include new paintings focusing on my childhood in Iraq and growing up in the US.

    I have returned to my roots in dance and teach sacred Baladi (traditional mid-eastern dance) to women of all ages.  I lead clay goddess workshops and facilitate women’s circles & ceremonies.

Last year I sang with 4 other women and we created a CD with chants and ceremonies for women who want to start circles.


    I  love the beauty of the northwest, this land fuels my life & art every day.  Art is grace in my life,  enhancing each moment with wonder, new visions , passion with the love &  joy of creation.


Art is life, life is Art